The Emory Patient Portal is a patient-centric website that makes it easy for you to manage your healthcare. Emory Healthcare’s network includes Grady Memorial Hospital and eight other hospitals in Georgia, as well as several outpatient facilities in Atlanta. Plus, you can use the Emory Patient Portal to communicate with healthcare teams based on medical records, pay for services with a credit card or electronic check, and more.

Emory-Patient-PortalEmory Healthcare uses a variety of electronic medical records for patient care. By the way of our technology, this means that we also have several patient portals: the BLUE, GOLD, and Eye Center portals. Depending on the provider, you may need to access multiple portals.

List Of Benefits

There are several advantages to using the Emory Patient Portal. They stand out from them:

  • SMS, email, and phone appointment reminders.
  • A reminder will remind you to reschedule if you miss an appointment.
  • By scheduling an appointment with a telemedicine provider after hours, you can save money.
  • Online healthcare management is possible.
  • There are no more lines at the doctor’s office.
  • It’s easy to locate a doctor in your area if you’re looking for one!
  • Among the features you can access are your medical history, lab results, and more.
  • It is always up-to-date when it comes to your medical history.
  • Medical professionals and patients can communicate online.


If you have an issue or issue with your Emory Patient Portal account, you can contact Emory Patient Portal customer service at

You should be empowered to make decisions about your healthcare at Emory Healthcare. Due to this reason, by registering on our portal, you will have access to our patient portal and its various functions (such as the software applications), which you are permitted to use, provided they are configured correctly.