Patient’s Responsibilities

At Emory Healthcare, our main objective is to improve lives and give hope. This goal goes beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics. It reaches into Emory Patient Portal communities, where nearly 24,000 Emory Healthcare employees live their daily lives like your neighbors. At our community hospitals and clinics, we treated more than 800,000 people and donated more than $151 million to charities for those in need in 2020.


Your medical history includes your medical history, such as allergies, medications, and test results, as well as information about health insurance and how to contact you. It is Emory Healthcare’s responsibility to ensure that its records remain confidential and are retained and disclosed in accordance with applicable law. Emory Healthcare employees and healthcare professionals recognize you as a person with unique needs and perspectives.

  • Comply with financial obligations associated with health benefits received.
  • Be sure to observe hospital regulations, including those that prohibit offensive, threatening, and/or offensive language and behavior.
  • Provide complete and accurate health, health and insurance information, including a living will if available.
  • Make sure you are considerate and respectful of other patients, staff, and property, and make sure your visitors are as well
  • You can talk to your doctor if you are experiencing any obstacles to following your prescribed treatment plan. Follow your doctor’s instructions or discuss any obstacles with your doctor.
  • You should take responsibility if you fail to follow the prescribed treatment plan or do not follow the prescribed treatment plan.
  • Medically unnecessary treatments are not included in your right to participate in your health plan.
  • Ask questions if you have any.
  • Changes in your health should be reported to your caregivers.

Emory accepts most major insurance plans, including employer and personal plans, federal market plans, and traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans. Emory Healthcare will file a claim on your behalf with any third party or insurance company with which Emory Healthcare has a contract. Any expenses not paid by third parties or the insurance company are the responsibility of the patient.